UX for Architects ZINE

A zine for those AFK

While the project is taking off online, the rest of life is still going on offline. The UX for Architects ZINE exists for introducing UX and the research project to students of Architecture on the ground. This first issue will be distributed around universities in Melbourne, Australia, in January 2020. Feel free to download, share, print and distribute at your school!

DOWNLOAD THIS ZINE at uxforarchitects.com/zine

Current issue

UX for Architects ZINE #01 / 2020/01 (PDF, 1.1KB) // What is @uxforarchitects / Why #uxforarchitects / Architecture’s problem… / …is a communication problem / This isn’t information Architecture

Print & fold instructions

Issue #01 is intended for double-sided black and white printing on A4 size recycled paper, then folded in half and half again.

The ZINE folding guide