Why open-source?

The interest and need for UX in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is systemic and multifaceted. There’s a lot of curly questions that need answers, and if we’re to find those answers, it’s worth connecting with knowledge in other industries. That’s where UX for Architects comes in.

“UX for Architects is an open-source, transdisciplinary research community where UX and AEC professionals can properly indulge their love affair.” #uxforarchitects

I firmly believe the future depends on collaboration: multi-disciplinary and multi-generational. Open-source initiatives are already changing the way we live and work through the sharing of tools, information and experience; and we are better for it. UX and Architecture are both mired in political quagmires – both are political instruments – but at their core, they are apolitical and agnostic: we all eat, poop, and need a roof to sleep under. This makes an open-source research project the ideal platform for a global UX/AEC discussion.

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Let’s build #uxforarchitects together.