The words ‘UX for Architects’ hold a lot of promise, but what exactly? Architecture and User Experience are broad topics in themselves, and to investigate how they interact is no small affair. UX for Architects is not a commercial or rigorous academic pursuit: by making this an open-source and collaborative project, I hope together we can build a valuable, accessible resource for the AEC industry.

Maybe you’re an architecture student or an academic, or perhaps you’re a UX designer interested in Architecture and how humans use buildings. Maybe you’re an architect with a keen interest in emerging technologies in the design/build process. Whatever your reason for following UX for Architects, you can join the conversation. We’re at the very beginning right now, I’ve created the UX for Architects Discussion Group on LinkedIn to start open discussions about what directions we need to explore. Feel free to introduce yourself and start sharing your questions, perspectives and resources! As a student myself, I’m developing my own and am sharing them as I go. Join in!