What is @uxforarchitects?

UX for Architects a collaborative, open‑source research project and platform for a global discussion about how we use Architecture.

Created by a UX designer and #unimelb MArch student, the project and platform launched in September 2019 on uxforarchitects.com. It’s igniting the interest of #UXers and industry professionals around the world, and activating a discussion the international Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry really wants to have.

Hey back it up, what is UX?

User eXperience (also called UX design) is typically an IT‑industry term describing a design process that prioritises human-centred design and thinking. It refers to the entire process: from research and data analysis, ideation, and prototyping to iteration, testing, feedback and post-market research.

UX covers all aspects of how users interact with a product or service, and the company that offers them; including usability, UI (User Interface) design, CX (Customer eXperience), and branding.

So what?

Experienced architects are interested in how IT has integrated UX in the development process for software systems. By using UX design processes, IT companies improve the efficiency and uptake of their designs — and ultimately their bottom line — by prioritising the experience of the end-user. IT directors and executive teams understand the benefits of good design for the human condition. That sounds pretty good to just about any kind of designer.

This article was first published in Issue #01 of UX for Architects ZINE in January 2020. Download it for free here.