An open-source collaborative research project.

I’m a UX designer moving into Architecture. In swapping IT for AEC, I’ve been intrigued, amazed and slightly confused about architects’ excitement about UX design – as I know it anyway. Recently I’ve had some enlightening conversations that lead me to realise: It’s simply about human-centred design.

IKR, sounds like stating the obvious: aren’t architects doing this already? But in my view, there’s more to it, something to do with the forgotten histories of architecture and technology, transdisciplinary thinking and future business processes.

Given the interest and enthusiasm I’ve encountered so far in my conversations with AEC professionals, I’m starting a space where these ideas are shared with anyone interested. If I’m onto something, I should have some posts in the coming months.

But this project is bigger than just me. This is an open-source research project. I invite anyone involved in UX design with interest in the built environment, and vice-versa, to get involved and join me in enthusiastic discussions! Subscribe below to get updates, or if you have a thought or comment on where this might lead us, let me know via the contact form below.


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I’m Leonie Csanki, a UX Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I’m completing the Master of Architecture programme at the University of Melbourne, and hope to be running my own practice in the not-too-distant future.


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